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Spyro study by Redahfuhrerking
Spyro study
Spyro was one of my childhood games that I love, including Crash Bandicoot, so I thought I should make a fanart.
Featuring Classic Spyro and TLoS Spyro. :)

P.S.: That dragonfly there is, well, my version of Sparx.


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I want to make something through stories and art. So deviantART is the perfect place for me to do that. I have I ideas that I could use for my stories.

Anyway, enough of that. I am a university student in Malaysia. I do calculus and in my first year. I have interest in movies, video games(especially RPG-genre) and some art too.
I really don't know whether people are really going to read this, but I'm just going to post it just to 'blurt' it out.

     Well, holiday is starting and there are many things that I like to do during this break. I'm still plotting my novel because there are still many thing I'm not prepared to write down with it.

     But...... the truth is... I think that decided to create my original story 'mainly' because I'm fed up with my favourite video game franchise. That is Kingdom Hearts.

     Ten years ago, my uncle returned from New Zealand and bought ps2 for my family, and of course, for the console, he bought Kingdom Hearts. The funny thing is, unlike most people that are excited for this game, I felt that I might not like it. Because I saw the front cover of the game and I saw Donald and Goofy with several anime characters that I've never laid my eyes on before, and the idea of crossovers are just too weird for me. Yes, that day I never heard of Kingdom Hearts before and it was in the year 2005(okay, it's not ten years ago, but it was earlier that year).

     However, as soon as my sister(I not interested in that game before, so my sibling tried it first) start a new game, I was..... well, I was enthralled to the intro, the beginning was so beautiful! It was so enchanting that I regretted that I wasn't the first I to play it. Later when I was playing, the story line was so well written, that I was fixated to play that game and ignore all the other games that I had. Seriously, I have never thought that two unlikely crossover such as this, can provide such an amazing gaming experience.

     Next year, I played Kingdom Hearts 2, and it didn't disappoint me at all :). I've replayed it so many times before because I thought that the gameplay and the storyline is so wonderful. But, when I played the first game, I realized that I like the original title more. At first, I thought it was the sense of nostalgia that made me love Kingdom Hearts more. Looking back though, the real reason is because there are many elements that I often overlook that I tend to forget them.

     The one thing that is unique about Kingdom Hearts is that the game is a collaboration between Disney and Square. Who would've thought that classy, happy Disney characters would mingle well with dark, and serious Final Fantasy characters? Tetsuya Nomura. I wanted to see more interactions between Disney and Square characters, like Tidus (Final Fantasy 10) and Jim Hawkins(Treasure Planet)! There is so much possibilities that encounters between characters from two different universe( Disney and Square) that they would create a story that would really connect with 'other people's heart'. "Our hearts are connected" says Sora. But would it just be connected to him?! Couldn't everyone else meet with other people just so he doesn't put up with the burden of doing all the work himself?!!

     I mean, if you see the later games, you will see less Final Fantasy characters and more Disney characters! Where is the coexistence to show them?! Now I may sound selfish and picky, but doesn't it bothers you that there are 'wall' dividing the Final Fantasy and Disney characters? And the only bridge between them is Sora? Okay, there are rules forbidding them from meddling, but face it, no one should abide to them anymore, thanks to Xehanort.

     As for main Disney characters, they are becoming less significant to the story. Take Donald and Goofy. In KH 1, Sora and Donald had a quarrel that they eventually got themselves to distrust each other for a moment, and in KH 2, Goofy almost died( did he almost?) and that motivated Sora and Donald to fight the 1000 Heartless battle. Now they have no unique storyline of their own that really propels the audience to really adores these two guys anymore other than their hilarious comments and mishaps. They should be given stories that would reeeeaaalllyyy made them stand out!

     Beside them, there is Maleficent. I mean what happened? Did she lose her real sense of evil and just stick to lousy plotting of her plan to dominate and laughable intro in the later games? Was Nomura TRYING to make the other antagonist of the KH series more menacing?! You're practically insulting the BEST VILLAIN DISNEY EVER HAD!!!

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