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The Palace of the Ocean by Redahfuhrerking
The Palace of the Ocean
It really has been a while since I've uploaded something. o-o
This is a quick sketch I've done based on one of my dreams, or a nightmare.

I woke up in a dark room. The room was huge and was furnished with luxurious furnitures fit for a king. I saw there were lamps in the room, however, no electricity. I looked out the window, and was stunned to see I was in the middle of the ocean, or at least that's what I thought.
    I explored the massive building, and the place was filled with many things that you would find in a majestic castle, but it was dark and I obtained a torchlight somehow. I had a feeling that I have to go to the lowest level of the building. Each step I took I always had a feeling that someone, or something, is following me.
    In one level, I encountered a creature with two eyes that lit up dimly, covered in darkness. I had no weapon, so I kept running and running until the creature was not seen. At one point, I climbed into a submersible. As I drove, I saw the full glory of the building. The levels of the building kept going until it reached the ocean floor, and the building looks futuristic in style. It was night and in the middle of the storm.
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I want to make something through stories and art. So deviantART is the perfect place for me to do that. I have I ideas that I could use for my stories.

Anyway, enough of that. I am a university student in Malaysia. I do calculus and in my first year. I have interest in movies, video games(especially RPG-genre) and some art too.
Ya Allah, I really can't believe how it has been since I've updated my journal. O_0 Well, you can say that I am lazy for that kind of stuff, I guess it's because that I've been distracted by a lot of things. And one of those things is actually the site itself, heck to be honest, I believe I'm addicted to the internet. T-T
There have been so many things going on lately, but I've always been sitting on the chair, looking at some random stuff( you know, procrastinating). That's why I decided that I will suspend myself from the site so I can focus more important stuff. But first, I would like to tell some few things that have been happening lately.

    First off, Selamat Ramadan Al-Mubarak! I hope you fellow muslims were off on a good start. These past weeks were a bit rough on me, but my belief stated that to endure the hardship that has been happening with patience and determination is part of the month of fasting. And remember that AidilFitri is less than two weeks away, so just endure for little while.

    Second, I am currently reading some books called 'The Wardstone Chronicle', or at least that's what I believe that is called. I actually started reading the first book back in 2008. But haven't continued with the next volume until this year. I really don't know why I'm suddenly interested in it now, but as I continued reading the next books, I began to love the franchise! :D

    Now about that journal that I wrote about Kingdom Hearts, well I heard the news about KH3 and its new trailer and I was thrilled! The trailer does seem promising, especially the part that it show Hercule's world expanded beyond the borders of the coliseum. Anyway, with the potential that both Disney and Square has, I really hope that it brought new segments that shows the underrated stuffs that will be shown to newer generations.

     What's more, I began to try making more art using...... a mouse! I don't know if it's really surprising, I mean I don't know just how many people here would draw using a mouse. I started to use it because that I might never get a proper tablet(besides an iPad) and that it seems silly if I thought that I can't make any good art using only a mouse. Yes, I could draw on a paper and then capture it with my phone camera and just upload it here, but then I don't feel the effort that I put on the art that I drew because of how a little mistake on the precision of the camera can make the whole thing fall apart(if you know what I mean). But using a mouse, with some patience and determination and some reference, and I got it! :D

     Also, I really wanted to focus more on my college work and my own novel for my past times, so I really need a push to do just that.

     Okay, so I'm practically rambling, but like I said, there are some thing I want to get out of my chest. So there you have it. I'm really looking to see for the next few weeks. Bye!

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